Affordable Window Cleaning

Fortunately, there are a few ways to try to make window cleaning more affordable, if you live in an area like North County San Diego.  One cheap option for having your windows cleaned if you cannot afford the price of window cleaners in the area is to clean the windows yourself.  The disadvantage of this option is that you will not have the right products or supplies to do this without causing damage to your windows.  What you will need to do is find a way to purchase professional-grade supplies rather than consumer-grade supplies.  This may initially end up being more expensive than the cost of a window cleaning, but remember that you will be able to use these products over and over again, so they will pay for themselves.

However, the best advice is still to find a professional window cleaner who is experienced, already owns the products, and is trained in safety measures.  This is better than risking your safety with inappropriate supplies and materials.  One good thing about the economic downturn is that it has affected us all, especially small businesses.  Many are lowering their prices for services such as window cleaning, because consumers see these services to be elective and not essential, so in order to get business at all they have come down significantly in price.  Therefore, even if you have gotten previous estimates from window cleaners and believed them to be too expensive, it does not hurt to check again to see if their prices have changed.  Keep in mind that prices often change during certain seasons, too.  In North County San Diego there is not a large variance in the weather seasons, but winter is still the less common time for outdoor services such as window cleaning, so it is worth it to check and see if the prices have dropped for the season.

The alternative to hiring a company that you believe to be too expensive is to hire a handyman or someone who provides other outdoor home and lawn care services.  Often, these people will offer window cleaning for a much more affordable price than larger companies.  However, special considerations will need to be taken to make sure that the services are of good quality.  It is advised that you read reviews before hiring an individual or a company to clean your windows.