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Typically the first time we clean your windows more time is needed for extra detailed cleaning.  After the initial cleaning, the cost for maintenance services within 3-6 months is usually less.  Some of our customers have just their exterior windows cleaned every 4 to 6 months and schedule the full service yearly.  Whatever fits with your budget we can accommodate. 

First time and yearly cleanings average $12-$15 per window

Quarterly and  twice a year cleanings average $12 per window

Exterior only average $8 per window

* Some windows counted as 2 or 3 windows such as sliding glass doors, extra-large windows and windows with more than 2 sections.

Our full service includes expertly washing the glass inside and out, washing the screens and cleaning the tracks

Vacuuming tracks, removing excessive lime deposits, cleaning mirrors are additional services offered

Pressure washing the sides of a 2000-3000sf home average $350-$600 

Pressure washing other areas such as patios, decks and driveways are priced separately

We can also arrange screen repair, blind cleaning and complete house cleaning services

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